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Is pain geeks for you?

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

By Nikita Mascarenhas

I wanted to learn more about pain. I knew there were paid CPD courses for acupuncture, injections, soft tissue mobilisations and spinal manipulations, but where do I go to learn more about Pain?

I am someone who has lots of curiosity, who wants to make clinical encounters meaningful and not just ‘help people live life meaningfully with pain’ (I have come to dislike this phrase now). I don’t want to just teach people relaxation techniques alone or ask them to reframe their thoughts about their pain.

"Where do I go to learn more

about Pain?"

I always felt alone and wondered 'do other clinicians feel this way and how they coped with this'?

I hoped there was a way I could connect with other clinicians who would shared this feeling. That’s when I came across Laura and Pain geeks. Since joining Pain geeks my learning journey has never been the same.

It’s a space to meet like minded clinicians, get access to a structured monthly reading plan and discuss about what we read, (attempted to) understand and how that might influence our practice. I have come across intriguing books and interesting authors.

I have realised that helping people who live with pain is a very challenging job and if you don’t have a good support system (colleagues at work, mentor/supervisor/coach) it can feel very isolating and overwhelming at times.

Coaching helped me thrive in my practice and reflections from varied professionals helped me question my bias and be open to further learning.

If you are unsure where to begin or feel like it’s too much to do on your own, I feel you! Two and half years ago I was looking for answers, looking for the ‘right way to explain pain’, hating being out of my comfort zone and wearing my ‘Expert’ hat in clinical conversations.

It’s been an uncomfortable journey but here I am now feeling more supported, learning about uncertainty and being human in clinical conversations.

So if you are feeling alone and you want to bring about a change in the way you practice. If you want to influence how you (your colleagues/your place of work) care for people living with pain and ensure you provide good quality care for your patients, maybe Pain Geeks could help you too!

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