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Pain Geeks is a global community of supportive and welcoming clinicians and thinkers.

A place to explore new and classic resources about pain, connect with others and find support with integrating this information with your existing understanding.

Strip away the frills and we are simply a group of clinicians passionate about understanding this thing we call pain and dedicated to drawing on philosophy, science, rehabilitation and the humanities to help inform our skillset to supporting people experiencing pain. 

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"We should learn everything and then choose which path to follow."

Malala Yousafzia

Our mission


How is our reading community structured?

Themed Readings

New readings every month exploring a particular topic in pain research and developing our understanding

The Book Club

Read along with us as we make our way through the piles of pain books on nightstands around the world - we know you have them!

Regular community discussions and interviews with researchers

Community discussions exploring our readings, invited guests and a special 'introducing' section where you get to meet the up-and-coming researchers

Pain Geek

"This is just what I've been looking for! Thanks!"

We can't do the reading for you..

...but we can help you navigate the tidal wave of information out there.

Let us structure your reading, pick out foundational work and exciting new work. 

As clinicians, we have all struggled with knowing what to read next and which texts to prioritise when time is pressed.

Let us shoulder that burden for you!

Every month we will curate a mix of resources for you and through our regular discussion groups share the load of interpreting and understanding them.


In our hearts, we are a reading community.

We want to connect thinkers and clinicians from all around the world that are looking to explore and understand the problem of pain deeply.

We have all felt like the odd one out in clinical meetings, like we are part of a team that are only looking at pain and rehabilitation options through one perspective.

If this sounds like you, then we are your people.

Online Curated Library

We have curated all of our resources for you in an online platform.

Entering Pain Geeks is like entering into a digital library where you can search by author, topic and Pain Geeks month.


"I love that all the monthly readings connect and challenge my thinking in new and interesting ways."

"The discussions have become a regular in my diary! Great to meet and discuss with like-minded people"

"I always wanted to read like this but found it hard to do by myself. The structure has supported me to keep reading regularly. "

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If you want to join our community but €5 is too much at this time, email us at [email protected] and we will give you a free 1-year subscription - no questions asked.

Place: "Free 1-year subscription request" in your email subject and include your first and last name, and the country you are joining us from (so we know who's in the community).

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€5-10 per month

Annual option available

  • Access to our digital library
  • Structured and supported reading experience
  • Unlimited access to discussions with creators, researchers, writers and pain ambassadors.
  • Unlimited access to all previous recorded discussions
  • Discover new researchers in the field of pain
  • Exclusive access to our community of Pain Geeks to discuss readings, themes and ideas
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