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Pain & Touch

Welcome. Every month we explore a different theme related to Pain and every year we go over the same themes and read different pieces and try to explore the theme from a different perspective. 

On this page you will see all the current and past readings we have looked at related to Pain & Touch. 

This topic is so interesting isn't it? 

Touch is such a massive part of our human experience and is the "main meal" of so many types of therapeutic interactions.  

Within this topic we will be exploring questions about touch and how it interacts with and relates to pain.

Think about:

- The mechanisms and different types of touch

- How does touch influence pain positively or negatively

- What are the ethics around touching someone?

- Is touch essential when it comes to pain?

- What are the lenses from which we view touch? For example: therapeutically, socially, culturally etc...

What are some questions that you have when it comes to Pain & Touch? 

Click on an icon below to find the papers we have or are currently reading. If you want to read our thoughts and reflections about articles and themes check out the blog! We also share our thoughts in our newsletters and of course in the discussions! 

October 2022 readings

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