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Have I had my dopamine hit?


The Molecule of More: How a single chemical in your brain drives love, sex, and creativity – and will determine the fate of the human race Daniel Z. Lieberman & Michael E. Long 2018 BenBella Books, Inc. Dallas

Beginning of March 2023

I sat on my sofa at the beginning of January, in the late afternoon sunshine if I remember correctly, to start ‘The Molecule of More’. I found the first few chapters an easy and enjoyable read. It is well narrated and punctuated by poignant clinical examples. I then put the book down to work on other projects and forgot about it!

I wonder how many following this book have done the same. 

This does not reflect badly on the book, just typical of my reading habits and routine.

Sitting down again. Not on the sofa but at my desk. I begin again.

Wondering if, like me, you’re sitting. Or are you lying? Walking? Listening to the book? Are you alone or with others? Have you made notes.

Has it got you thinking, and if so, where do your thoughts go?

I’m wondering if knowledge about dopamine and dopaminergic circuits will influence my wellbeing and that of my patients. Happiness. Creativity. 

How we experience the world.

In short, this book has got me thinking and I’m glad for it.


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