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Sandy Hilton

Treating Pelvic Pain

A pain science approach to manual therapy and neurodynamics

This is an excellent opportunity to learn from Sandy Hilton, who has influenced both pain-specialised and pelvic-specialised physiotherapy internationally to be more evidence-informed, inclusive and compassionate.

Join us in the beautiful town of Weesp (now part of the wider region of Amsterdam - 15mins train ride from Amsterdam Central station) for two-days of pain science and pain-specialised therapeutic approaches  through the lens of pelvic-physiotherapy.

You do not have to be a pelvic-specialised therapist to join this course, however internal work is limited to clinicians with permission and licence to perform this.  Internal work is a small part of this course and to those not partaking in this, you will not miss out!

*Please be aware that this course includes assessment and treatment approaches of the genitals.  You are not be required to do anything you do not feel comfortable with. 

Course Description

There is too much confusion and conflicting information around treating pelvic pain. 

This 2-day course updates participants on the current science of pain, manual therapy, sensory integration techniques for pelvic pain, pelvic neurodynamics, pleasure as a treatment aim, and progressive movement. It is suitable for all health professionals who treat people with pelvic pain. The optional internal component is open to all participants who have license to do vaginal and rectal examinations. 


Participants will learn purposefully non-painful manual therapy techniques and neurodynamic options for the nerves of the abdomen, pelvis and upper leg. Labs will progress from acute to persistent pain treatment options and include education in self- treatment techniques for improved patient outcomes. Participants will be able to screen and design a progressive treatment for all of the major pelvic nerves. 


This course is full of movement and helps clinicians to push their creativity in order to design treatments for people who may be afraid to move.  We explore Virtual Reality and creative adaptations as unexpected treatment options. Movement and exercise progression are emphasized include return to fitness and heavy load as appropriate and adaptations for Long Covid/ME/CFS are addressed. Participants will leave with ideas and applications for use in the clinic and for patient home programs. 

Included in this course:

*Accreditation for KNGF/Keurmerk bekkentherapeuten (Dutch registered pelvic physiotherapists clinicians) has been requested. 

Attending IN-PERSON or ONLINE​

  1. Sixteen-hours in-person teaching with Dr Sandy Hilton

    • supported by Laura Rathbone and Christine Petrides​

  2. Three-months post-course clinical support in a private community space

  3. One-hour group post-course Clinical Coaching session with Sandy Hilton (worth €150!)

  4. FREE Copy of Sandy's book: 

    • ​​"Why Pelvic Pain Hurts"

  5. Recorded lectures - LIVE from the day!

  6. Digital copy of the course manual

  7. Reference-bundle 

  8. Lunch on both days (only in-person) 

  9. Tea and coffee(only in-person)

Those attending via LIVE STREAM: 

You will be given login codes and access links to watch the live links of lectures. 

We are working with Sandy to ensure that the online cohort is able to experience the practical sessions and we will be facilitating your discussions and sharing your questions live with Sandy! 

It will be like being there, except in your slippers!


We really want you there live!


In-person: €600

LIVE Stream: €550 

Student: €400

Promotion Price: Bring a Friend for 1/2 price

If you have a friend/colleague that you want to take this course with, you can now sign up for a better price if you do it together!

In-person: €900, LIVE Stream: €825

Dates: 12 & 13 April 2024

*Accreditation for KNGF/Keurmerk bekkentherapeuten (Dutch registered pelvic physiotherapists clinicians) has been requested. 

Course outline

Note: Please wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in and allow for squats,
side-bending and reaching overhead. 
Participants will be encouraged to modify any movement in order to be comfortable, making this session appropriate for all physical abilities.

Day 1

Key Concepts and

Teaching modules.

This day includes practical sessions

  • Core Beliefs and Theory for Pelvic Diagnosis from vulvodynia to pudendal neuralgia (all genders)

  • The Central Nervous System in a pelvic health practice

  • The role of Body Awareness in pelvic pain

  • Treating the Sensitized Central & Peripheral Nervous System

  • Anterior trunk and pelvic manual therapy and Neurodynamics

Day 2

Key Concepts and

Teaching modules.

This day includes practical sessions

  • Case study workshop

  • Anterior/Medial upper leg and pelvic manual therapy/ND

  • Posterior trunk, buttock and pelvic manual therapy/ND

  • Internal vaginal and rectal techniques for treatment (with adaptations for those who chose external only)

  • The role of movement in therapy

  • Treatment Framework for decision making, treatment, and

  • patient education

About Sandy

Sandra (Sandy) Hilton graduated with a Master of Science in Physical Therapy from Pacific University in 1988. She received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Des Moines University in 2013. Sandy has contributed to multiple book chapters, papers, and co-authored “Why Pelvic Pain Hurts”. and her most recent book "Self-Care for Pelvic Pain: A Sensory Integration Toolkit"  She is an international instructor and speaker on treating pelvic pain for professionals and for public education.

Sandy is a regular contributor on health-related podcasts and is co-host of the Pain Science and Sensibility Podcast with Cory Blickenstaff.

Sandy was the Director of Programming for the Section on Women’s Health of the American Physical Therapy Association from 2012 - 2017. She is now on the board of the Abdominal and Pelvic Pain special interest group, a part of the International Association for the Study of Pain.

Accommodation and Location information below

weesp 2.webp


Course location: OBA (Weesp Library)
Oudegracht 67, 1381 XX Weesp

Weesp is part of Amsterdam and is just a 15minute train ride from Amsterdam central Station.

Weesp station is a small but well-connected commuter station with direct links to Amsterdam stations, Utrecht, Schiphol airport and more.

*Please note that the teaching room is situated on the first floor and accessed via the staircase.  

If you require adjustments to  participate in this course please contact the host:


The OBA Weesp (Library) is a 10-minute walk/ 3-minute cycle from Weesp Train Station

Nearby accomodation:

Weesp can be easily reached from Amsterdam centre, Amsterdam Zuid and Amsterdam Oost. 

There is plenty of parking around weesp and we will happily guide you to the free parking on request.

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