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Welcome to

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...a global community of supportive and welcoming clinicians and thinkers.

Pain Geeks is a place to explore new and classic resources about pain, connect with others and find support with integrating this information with your existing understanding.

Strip away the frills and we are simply a group of clinicians passionate about understanding pain and dedicated to drawing on philosophy, science, rehabilitation and the humanities to help inform our skillset to supporting people experiencing pain. 

What's included in Pain Geeks?

When you decide to become a community member, you always have access to all the readings and blogs we have written. When you decide to become a 'Super Geek' you get to be a part of all the live discussions, the forums for discussion in between, the recorded videos that we make with experts in the field, and the pleasure of reading along with others! 

The Journal Club

New readings curated for you every month exploring pain within a particular theme. Readings come from a wide variety of scientific fields, including philosophy, humanities, sociology and biology. This is to help us develop our understanding of pain from a wide context. 

The Video Library

We meet regularly with pain experts and leading researchers to film discussions for you to enjoy at your leisure. We often do this discussions live so members can attend to ask questions in real time! Also fo individual sale here

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The Monthly Community Discussions

Structured community discussions with other Pain Geeks from around the world. Together we explore the  readings and share our thoughts.

The Book Club

Here on Pain Geeks, we run a quarterly book club. Every 3 months we dedicate a whole month to a book related to pain and/or the humanities. Read along with us as we make our way through the piles of pain books on nightstands around the world - we know you have them!

"We should learn everything and then choose which path to follow."
Malala Yousafzia

Join your community!

Member pledge

€12 per month*

  • Structured and supported reading experience

  • Unlimited access to discussions with creators, researchers, writers and pain ambassadors

  • Unlimited access to all previous recorded discussions

  • "How to Pain Geek" 1x workshop per year to develop your reading skills

  • Discover new researchers in the field of pain

  • Exclusive access to our community of Pain Geeks to discuss readings, themes and ideas

*based on yearly membership

If you want to join our community but the price is too much at this time sign up for our Free Community here. Make a profile and read along with us!

Our Regular Contributors

These are our community members who regularly contribute to the platform. Everyone can contribute blogs about their reflections and experiences with the readings. We love posting other people's thoughts and ideas to help diversify the voices that we learn from!

"I love that all the monthly readings connect and challenge my thinking in new and interesting ways."
"The discussions have become a regular in my diary! Great to meet and discuss with like-minded people"

"I always wanted to read like this but found it hard to do by myself. The structure has supported me to keep reading regularly. "
Image by Clay Banks

Sign up here to join our FREE Circle Community and be the first to find out what we are reading, who we are talking to and our thoughts as we reflect on what our community has read! 

Stay in the loop!

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