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The Book Club: "Aches and Pains" with Pain Ambassador and Advocate Tina Price

The Book Club discuss "Aches and Pains" with 

with Pain Ambassador and Advocate Tina Price

We discussed Aches and Pains by Physiotherapist, Zoologist, pain expert and advocate for human-centred, informed approaches to physiotherapy for pain; Louis Gifford.

Find out more about Louis Gifford's work before he passed, his inspirations and read his blog here: 

Louis passed away on 9 February after living with a diagnosis of prostate cancer for several years. He gave such a great deal to the Physiotherapy profession and to his (and our) patients. His Mature Organism Model blended his knowledge of zoology, the science of pain and all he had learned as a skilled and compassionate therapist together.

Tina Price lives well with chronic pain and has been an advocate for better, more human-centred care for many years. She is a published pain expert alongside philosophers, clinicians and researchers and a regular collaborator with Cause Health, The Physio Pain Assoc. UK and is an Advanced Clinical Practice (ACP) Core Framework UK.

Find out more about her work and follow her blog here: 

Here we reflect on our first readings of the book by the late Louis Gifford.

This book is a 3-parter, so we invited guests on to discuss each part with us, check out the series:

Book 1: Pain Ambassador and Advocate Tina Price

Book 2: Physiotherapist and Sciatica-Geek Tom Jesson

Book 3: Physiotherapist and educator Steve Robson, a close friend of Louis Gifford

In tribute and thanks to Louis Gifford and his family for giving us access to his thoughts and recommendations for future research, these talks will all be free and available.

We strongly recommend that you buy his book and read it for yourself, whether you area clinician or a researcher but also, although it wasn't intended as a book for patients, if you are someone living with pain and trying to understand what pain is and see behind the veil of how therapists think therapy might work, this book could support you on your journey.

Please consider giving to in memory of Louis.