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About the Pain Geeks team

"Because reading and learning about pain is hard."

Pain Geeks was born from the embers of a new year's hangover as Laura set her resolution to share her reading and connect people with the classical texts and exciting new fringe science.

It quickly developed into a small community of like-minded and motivated clinicians who were looking to read and learn from across the wide and rich landscape of pain science, philosophy and humanities.

When Laura met Christine...

No surprises here, Laura and Christine met as freeloading roadies at a prominent pain course in Amsterdam. 

Whilst setting tables for the 200 clinicians joining the course in the morning they formed a friendship over living in the Netherlands, loving pain science and feeling frustrated with the current model of care for people experiencing pain.

A tumbler of wine later and the rest is history.

As the months of 2021 rolled on, Pain geeks continued to grow and Christine joined with Laura to redesign and co-create the Pain Geeks community.

Pain Geeks is a dedicated and specialised reading community which values peer support as we explore this challenging and fascinating thing we call pain.


Laura Rathbone

Laura is fascinated and dedicated to promoting the science and philosophy of pain with clinicians and anyone that is interested.

She is a qualified Physiothreapist and completed her MSc in Advanced Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy at Kings' College, London where she was introduced to the Philosophy and Complexity of pain. She now coaches people with pain and clinicians working with pain from all over the world, teaches courses on integrated approaches to rehabilitation and guest lectures at universities in the UK and the Netherlands.

She qualified as a Journalist before studying Physiotherapy and loves being able to blend the skills and knowledge of both these worlds. 

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Laura's Column

Christine Petrides

Christine joined the Pain Geeks team in May 2021. Working as a physiotherapist since 2016 Christine has had many ups and downs trying to understand this thing we call pain and her role as a healthcare provider. As she continues to figure all of this out she happily participates in the (sometimes) uncomfortable process of learning and stretching her ideas in this field. Never a dull moment in the world of pain science and philosophy!

Nikita Mascarenhas

Nikita is the newest member of our team and joined in august 2021.

Nikita is an internationally trained physiotherapist who works in an MSK setting. She began her career in India before moving to the UK to complete an MSc in Advancing Physiotherapy Practice at Sheffield Hallam University. She is passionate about evidence based, patient centered practice and is always willing to involve herself in discussions and seek out other opinions on how best to help patients.

Sanja Maretic

Sanja is an osteopath with a special interest in persistent pain. She currently works in the Lincolnshire Community Pain Management Service where she has the privilege to accompany people who experience persistent pain. Sanja has a background in comparative literature and is forever fascinated in the intersection of medical humanities, especially narrative medicine, and healthcare. Sanja is passionate about introducing medical humanities in undergraduate education, and promoting critical thinking and structural competency.